Eduardo Kac, Artist and Professor
Art Institute, Chicago.

Case Study: Alba, the Glowing Bunny

In June 2000, at the “Avignon Numérique” digital art exhibition in Avignon, France, media artist Eduardo Kac intended to present his newest project, GFP Bunny a living rabbit genetically engineered to contain a “glow-in-the-dark” protein (GFP="Glowing Fluorescent Protein") protein obtained from jellyfish. Kac intended to name his transgenic fluorescent bunny “Alba,” and he was planning to take it home with him to Chicago following the conclusion of the Avignon exhibit.

As Kac explains in the interview to the left, by presenting a transgenic animal at the Avignon exhibition, he hoped to encourage people to think about what it means to domesticate animals in general, and what it might mean to domesticate genetically manipulated animals in particular.