Further Reading: Gene Patents

The literature on the ethical and political economic implications of patenting genes is voluminous. For a non-specialist introduction to this topic, see Robert Cook-Deegan and Misha Angrist, "Who Owns the Genome?," The New Atlantis No. 11 (Winter 2006): 87-96. For an overview of current U.S. DNA patents, see Robert Cook-Deegan et. al. (1999) DNA Patent Database (unpublished data, 1999; available at http://dnapatents.georgetown.edu/).

For further specialist readings, see all of the articles in Academic Medicine, vol. 77, no. 12 (Dec 2002), Part 2, Special Theme Issue: "Public Versus Private Ownership of Scientific Discovery: Legal and Economic Analyses of the Implications of Human Gene Patents," eds. David Korn and Stephen J. Heinig, and especially Jorge A. Goldstein and Elina Golod, "Human Gene Patents" (pp. 1315-28); Arti Rai, "Commentary: Genome Patents: A Case Study in Patenting Research Tools" (pp. 1368-72); Debra G.B. Leonard, "Medical Practice and Gene Patents: A Personal Perspective" (pp. 1388-91); Rebecca S. Eisenberg and Richard R. Nelson, "Public vs. Proprietary Science: A Fruitful Tension?" (pp. 1392-99).