"Mammalian Cells Spin a Spidery New Yarn"
Science Magazine, Vol. 295, 18 January 2002

"GM Goat Spins Web-Based Future"
BBC NewsHeadline, 21 Aug 2000

"Charlotte's Goat"
Forbes Magazine Headline, 9 Feb 2001

"Transgenics: The Coming Genetic Nightmare!"

Popular news media responses to advances in biotechnological research.

Transgenics and the Future

Nexia’s achievement was heavily publicized, and reactions ranged from excitement about this feat of genetic engineering to fears about the ethical or religious implications of such species crossings. For some commentators, Nexia’s transgenic "spider goat" pointed toward an exciting future in which "your car could be biodegradable, your plane ticket could cost less and your complicated nerve injury could be repaired," (McMahon, 2006) while others saw this merging of species as a sign of the "end of Days."

Despite their different reactions, what was at issue for both sets of commentators was the capacity of Nexia’s researchers to bring two separate genetic codes together, essentially “folding” the biological capability of a spider into a goat.